上段 White heater control knob European cars 1955.
下段 The 100mm diameter tank cap continues through 1955 model year.
All original. Not for sale.

Clockwise rotation of onside door handle locks the door.
Deluxe cars have ivory knobs and escutcheons,standard car,black.
All original. Not for sale.

The practice of providing only one outside locking door handle continues.
Passenger side door can only be locked from inside.
All original. Not for sale.

T-Ⅲ white window knob and escutcheons Deluxe model.
All original. Not for sale.

VW Under-dash package (Plastic)
Later original Not for sale.

VW original mark

BACK Under-dash package

VW T-2 Wheel ring

VW T-2 Wheel ring
Set of 4

VW T-3 SIDE MAKER. Good condition.

VW T-1 Side brake boot. Original

VW 1976 T-3 SD Owner’s Manual. Good condition.